Welcome to Year 6


For many reasons, Year 6 will be the most important year of your child’s educational life so far and the class have a lot ahead of them this year. Year 6 is very much a transitional year as the children reach the end of Key Stage 2, end their time in Primary Education and take their first steps towards adulthood. I am confident that this class is capable of rising to the challenges presented by Year 6 and they have already shown this by establishing themselves as positive role models, the Guardians of our Galaxy.

As the oldest children, there is an expectation that they will set the example to the rest of the school, in terms of their appearance, behaviour and attitude towards school life.  Each morning we expect the children to arrive at school on time, in full school uniform and organised for the day ahead. It now needs to become very much their responsibility (not yours!) to ensure that this is the case so, if you need to, take a step back and allow them to learn to organise themselves, even if it goes wrong to begin with!

The children begin their morning work task at 8.45am – the Year 6 curriculum is a very tightly packed one and it is vital that we use our time in the classroom efficiently this year.  Homework will come home each Friday and this will always include a weekly spelling and mental maths task.  Children all have revision guides to be working through at home.

It is important that the children in Year 6 receive a balanced curriculum and we ensure we have lots of time to fit in all of the other subjects that make school fun!  Please do encourage your child to read at least 3 times a week at home and if you are looking for age appropriate books for your child to read, please have a look at the attachments. 


We are looking forward to our end of year residential visit and our end of school production will be spectacular, albeit a secret for now!

Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support.

Year 6 News

Brighter Cumbria Excitement

ITV Border News have been in school as part of the Brighter Cumbria Event happening on Monday.