At Caldew Lea Primary School, we recognise the ongoing cost of living crisis is a concern for many of us. Through our A to Z, we aim to support our families in any way we can.

We still have a range of toiletries in school. Please contact Mrs Scott if you would like a toiletry pack to help you at home.


To help families with the cost of living crisis, the Government has launched the following website which includes information and  support on household costs, energy bills, income support, child care costs, transport costs and help to find work.

Cumbria County Council have followed this up with their own support scheme. The “Household Support Grant” funds support for families experiencing food and utility bills hardship. Access the “Ways to Welfare” link for more support and information:


Click to apply to the Carlisle Foodbank for help with food and meals.


Have you got any old black shoes or ANY school uniform items your child has grown out of? Why not donate them to school and we can host swap shops?!

We will take a stick list of all donations and if families wish to make requests for items, free of charge, we will do what we can to give you what you need!

Please make all donations to Mrs Rogers! Thank you in advance


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