A to Z at Caldew Lea. Because every child facing adversity deserves to flourish.


Meet our Engagement and Wellbeing Team. Your A to Z team!

Your A to Z team is here to support you. If you have any worries, concerns or struggles with either your child’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing or your own, during these exceptionally difficult times Just call 01228 526611 and ask to speak with Mrs Scott or Mrs Rogers.


At Caldew Lea Primary School, we recognise some pupils may have additional social, emotional and mental health needs from time to time and some that may require specialist one to one or small group intervention out of class. Through our A to Z provision, we offer a range of research backed – high quality SEMH interventions to meet the social, emotional and mental health needs of our pupils. All interventions are delivered by highly trained members of staff and progress is tracked from initial referral from class teachers to the very end and beyond of the intervention. Please browse your A to Z website to find a wide range of social, emotional and mental health resources to support our pupils and our families.


Early intervention starts with noticing the signs 

Early intervention means identifying and providing effective early support to children and young people who are at risk of poor outcomes. Excellent relationships between pupils and school staff allow us to notice pupils presenting unfamiliar challenges and poor mental health. Staff are then able to safely identify their needs and be confident and proactive with their next steps.

When class teachers and support staff notice specific SEMH needs with a pupil, they can refer the pupil on to the Engagement and Wellbeing team.

The Engagement and Wellbeing Team will then discuss the current levels of provision for the pupil, identify some possible additional intervention if necessary and put a support plan in place promptly. It must be noted that all strategies and class based interventions must be fully explored first.


First and foremost, all pupils are entitled to quality first teaching by their teacher.


At Caldew Lea Primary School, we adopt the following model when supporting pupils with their social, emotional and mental health:

Tier 1 – Encompasses quality-first teaching that takes place within the classroom.

Tier 2 – Includes in-school referrals for pupils to have A to Z Provision.

Tier 3 – Involves further involving families in the A to Z provision and potentially opening an Early Help or accessing other external, specialist support.

Tier 4 – If all the above have not been successful in meeting the pupils’ needs, a quality referral to CAMHS (child adolescent mental health service) would be made. Including all the evidence of previous SEMH interventions adds weight to the referral.


Relationships are vital 

Every child deserves a champion, a trusted adult that will never give up on them and recognise the importance of relationships. Our Engagement and Wellbeing Team:

  • Use daily meet and greets on the school gate, regular daily drop ins throughout the day/check out before hometime
  • Offer time to talk, secure time for pupils to explore feelings
  • Build safe relationships with vulnerable pupils
  • Provide talking tools such as feeling/sensory provision in our nurture room to help pupils self-regulate
  • Be trained and active mental health ambassadors for pupils and adults in our school community
  • Ensure the voice of the pupil is heard and acted upon


Through our A to Z provision we offer:

Free Breakfast for All

A to Z Break and Lunch Club

Emotional Resilience (ELSA)

Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations

Drawing and Talking Intervention

Decider Skills

Lego Therapy

Art Therapy

Retracking Intervention

SPACE (Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally)

Solving Challenging Behaviour through Restorative Practice (Document population to be completed…)