Welcome to Marvellous Marvels.

I am Ms Keen and to help and support in the class we have Miss Roberts and for one afternoon Mrs Birch comes to teach the class.

Core Values

Every day, we work hard to show our school’s 9 core values and we love getting dojo points for showing these independently:


  • using good manners;
  • actively listen and respond positively;
  • value difference.


  • self-regulate;
  • attend, be on time and engage;
  • create a calm and organised environment.


  • seek help and accept support;
  • have courage, encourage others;
  • learn from mistakes.

What are we learning?

We have a full and rich curriculum this year.

This year, we will base our learning around the following half-termly topics (a history focus for the 1st half-term and geography for the 2nd):

  • The Gunpowder Plot
  • The United Kingdom
  • Local history
  • What a wonderful world!
  • The Monarchy
  • Coast to Coast



Reading is vital in your child’s development. Please try and read for 10 minutes every day to encourage their learning and your child will be rewarded for reading so please support them. Reading aloud to your children is also vital in their development and necessary to increase their vocabulary.


We start everyday with our ReadWriteInc phonics sessions. These start promptly at 9am so being on time is essential. Your child will bring home a new reading book each week, that they will have been taught how to read in school. This means that they will be able to show you how fantastic at reading they are. Help us to celebrate your child’s reading by listening to them read regularly at home.

For more information on our phonics scheme please contact Ms Keen on Class Dojo


PE kits should be in school every day and will be sent home at the end of every half term for a wash. Please make sure your child has a pair of black leggings or joggers for when it gets colder. Earings should not be worn for PE so either do not wear them on PE day or provide your child with plasters to cover them up.


Punctuality and Attendance

It is vital that all children come to school organised and prepared for their day. Punctuality is really important as learning starts from 8.40am – children complete a morning challenge each day. They also need to be in and order their lunch before lining up to go to their phonics classes, which start at 9am. Please try to get your child in as close to 8:40 as possible, so that they have an organised and settled start to the day.


Class Dojo is a fantastic app for keeping in touch! Please note that messages can be sent to Ms Keen directly and these will be acknowledged as soon as possible although an instant response is not always possible. Please contact the office if you need an immediate answer. Please also check out our class story regularly for important updates on our learning and celebrations of our achievements. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Keen on Dojo or in person after school.

Parent Support

We know that a child’s success in school is supported by having a strong home-school relationship. We love to have visitors to our class to share a story or to listen to readers. Please contact Ms Keen if you would like to drop in as we would love to see you. If you have any special skills, which you would like to share with the children then please do get in touch. Watch out for the date for the assembly in which Marvellous Marvels share their learning!|

Weekly celebration assemblies happen every Friday and we celebrate as a whole school with Miss Weston. Children have two chances for a certificate, with class teachers awarding a certificate for fantastic learning and Miss Weston awards special certificates for 3 R Stars. These are the children who go above and beyond to follow our key values. Please look out on our social media for are celebration photos.