to our Superstar Learners and Headteacher award winners on this final award celebration of the academic year!!

They have shown resilience in reading, maths and science as well as showing perseverance and giving 100% effort in every lesson right up until (almost) the very end!
To be honest, we could have award this weeks certificates to almost any of our pupils for their hard work and dedication throughout the year but our winners this week have demonstrated that they have been 3R Stars in all aspects of their learning and school conduct!
Congratulations to…The Incredibles!! They have had a marvellous week and smashed the attendance award this week with achieving 98.57%!!
Children who are achieving the most are those who have attendance of 95% or above. Please ensure your child is in school and on time, ready to learn.
Please encourage your child to have a good attitude towards learning as this will allow them to grow and flourish. Please be aware that the local authority and the government’s Department for Education have instructed all schools to focus on poor attendance and to support adults at home in ensuring their children are in school.
Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely weekend, everyone!