We would like to give a huge CLPS shout out to our very own Anthony!

Anthony joined Unison FC in February and trains hard every Thursday night. His hard work has seen him been named Star Player 3 times!

H has helped his team win one tournament and achieve 3 second places in others. Anthony impressed his new coaches by scoring a staggering 10 goals in one match!

We are excited because this coming Saturday, Anthony and his team mates will attend a big tournament at Newcastle before another one at Hexham in August. Anthony has been scheduled to attend a once in a life time experience of representing his team at a tournament in Barcelona in the near future too!

Anthony loves his football and we are very proud of him at CLPS. He taught himself before being spotted by coaches for the teams he has played for so far. Watch this space… Anthony may well be gracing the Premier League for his beloved Newcastle United very soon!!

Well done Anthony!

If you would like us to celebrate your child’s successes, please get in touch via Dojo!