Dear Parents and Carers

This year we have seen an unprecedented increase in pupil numbers at Caldew Lea, which we are absolutely delighted about! To accommodate our rising pupil numbers, we are increasing our classes from 10 to 11 classes from September 2023. In order to ensure that we deliver the best possible curriculum to every pupil in school, we are reorganising our classes into key stage phase ‘hubs’: this means that all key stage 1 and 2 pupils will be taught in mixed year classes within their own key stage ‘hub’. This will enable us to ensure that we can deliver a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of all children. It will also enable teachers to plan together and pool resources within hubs and provide additional support to pupils who require it across classes: this will increase the amount of tailored support available for children. All children will be taught their age appropriate curriculum as they are now, but with greater flexibility to meet their needs. All classes will have at least one highly skilled teaching assistant supporting children further. We are really excited about this new development in our provision and equally excited about the rate at which our fantastic school continues to grow. There will be some re-organisation of our current classrooms to allow us to incorporate an extra classroom – more details to follow on this. We will also be sending out class lists later this week which will tell you which class teacher your child/ren will have in September. We will then have a transition morning on Monday 3rd July where children will meet their new teachers and spend time with their new classes. For any EHCP children requiring additional transition, this will be provided over the next few weeks. Please see the new class structure:

Kind Regards,

Ayesha Weston, Headteacher