We are The Fantastics!


Here in year 3/4 we all do our best to display the 3 Rs each day. We show each other respect by being kind, polite and helpful; we display our resilience by taking on any challenge that is set for us and we are taking more and more responsibility for ourselves and our learning every day.

Making the move from the infants into the juniors is an exciting time for the children in Year 3 as they learn new skills and begin to explore new areas of the curriculum. The Year 4 children work hard to set a fabulous example in class and are always keen to pass on their knowledge and strategies to succeed to the younger members of the class.


This year our topics will cover Ancient Egypt, Rainforests, Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Energy, Vikings and finally Land Use and Settlements.

Our days for PE are a Monday and Wednesday so it is vital that the children arrive prepared for these lessons with a full change of clothes which can be left at school during the week. During the autumn term while the possibility of chilly weather is higher, we will need to prepare for colder temperatures and the children will need to dress appropriately for this.


Every day the class complete a morning task or review some of their learning from the previous day, so it remains extremely important that everyone arrives promptly to start the day from 8:40am.


Thank you, as ever, for your continued help and support at home.