Welcome Justice League!

What are the qualities of a Justice League 3R star?

Resilience- Having the courage to rise to challenge, encourage others and try our best.

Respect- Being able to value difference and knowing people need different things to be successful, use good manners and actively listen and respond in class.

Responsibility- Self-regulate and show empathy to others emotions, attend and be on time.

Who supports me in the classroom?

We are taught by Miss Katz and are supported by Miss Temple.

You can contact me (Miss Katz) on class dojo, by email or just a quick hello at the end of the school day.

Other members of our school community are also there to support the needs for pupils and their safety, happiness and engagement is priority to us.

What are we learning?

You can find the Justice League long term plan for more information on topics for the rest of the school year. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to be excited about their learning! Both year 4 and year 5 pupils will be accessing the National Curriculum at the level they need in order to succeed now and in the future.

What is a typical day in the Justice League like?

Punctuality, correct uniform (including PE kits) and attitude are vital for a successful school day. Our morning activity starts at 8:40 which provides pupils with a brilliant opportunity to review previous learning, improve of weaknesses and develop problem solving skills.

Vipers starts at 9:00 where pupils must be in class and ready to learn. On Monday’s spellings are handed out and on Fridays pupils are tested on them. These will be handed out in class and put on spelling shed so the pupils can practise at home. We also ask if children can read to an adult at least three times a week.

Maths and English then begin where we develop our skills in all areas of the curriculum. If you want to support your child further as a school we provide opportunities to practise on spelling shed but there are also great resources on the BBC learn website.

The afternoon starts with some maths fluency then we do a variety of non-core (but still essential) learning. This gives all pupils the chance to learn about the wider world, develop personal skills and practise skills learnt in the morning.

Our PE days are on Mondays and Fridays.

What is the Justice League promise to you?

We aim to ensure all pupils have access to an engaging and encouraging environment where all pupils are provided the guidance, scaffolding and challenge to flourish. We want our pupils to feel safe, happy and build confidence throughout the year.

I am really excited to see what this school year will bring!

Miss Katz


Term 1 MTP JL