This half term in geography, the Year 2 Invincibles are learning all about Kenya. They will be learning about the place, people, weather and animals in order to help us to decide if we would rather live in England or Kenya! To begin, the pupils used atlases to find Africa and locate Kenya on a map using our key geography skill of place. What super geographers they are!

As super scientists, they are using their fair testing skills to set up an experiment to test what a plant needs to grow. The pupils have planted some cat grass and placed some in the fridge, some in a dark cupboard and some outside with no water! To keep it a fair test, they have a control plant that has been placed outside with access to sunlight and water. We can’t wait to see what happens to all of the different seeds!

In design technology, the Invincibles are studying wheels and axles. This will help them to make their very own safari cars! We had lots of fun exploring toy cars to see the different wheels and axels.